How to Transfer Balance From Smart to smart cell, Recharge, Data Pack, Check Balance

Are you searching for a way on how to transfer the balance from smart to smart, how to check the balance in a smart cell, how to recharge in a smart cell, and how to buy a data Pack in a smart cell? Then you are in the right place you will get the complete stepwise process to solve your queries.

Smart Cell is the third-largest private telecommunication company in Nepal. It is popular for mobile data internet and low-cost call. It provides a fast service to the user. You may also know the quality service of the smart cell. Let's move to solve your queries.

How to Transfer Balance From Smart to Smart Cell?

 To transfer the balance between two smart cell user, You need to dial:

Step: *131*Mobile Number [ Whom you want to send ] *Amount in Rs* 123456#

For Example: *131*9xxxxxxxxx*20*123456#

You can also transfer money by using a mobile app of Smart cell.

*Note: The minimum transferring balance is Rs.10.

How to Recharge a Smart Cell?

To recharge your smart cell you have to dial:

Step: *122*Pin Number from recharge card#

For example: *122*132xxxxxxxxx#

To recharge Friend/relative smart cells, you have to dial:

Step: *120*Pin Number*Mobilenumber#

For example: *120*132xxxxxxxxxx*98xxxxxxxx#

You can also recharge your Smart cell from esewa, Khalti and other online Platform.

If you recharge your smart Phone then there is Bonus from the smart cell:

For Rs. 50 
  • No benefit
  • No validity

For Rs. 100
  • 200 MB + Extra 200 MB Data + 10 min talktime + 10 SMS
  • 7 days Validity

For Rs. 200
  • 400 MB + Extra 400 MB Data + 20 min talktime + 20 SMS
  • 15 days Validity

For Rs.500
  • 1.5 GB + Extra 1.5 GB Data + 100 min talktime + 100 SMS
  • 30 days Validity

For Rs.1000
  • 3 GB + Extra 3 GB Data + 200 min talktime + 200 SMS
  • 30 days Validity

How to check the balance in Smart Cell?

To check the balance in the smart cell, you have to dial:

Step: *123#

Note: You will also receive Bonus notification if you dial *143#

How to Take Data pack in Smart Cell?

Smart cell is the best option. To Take data pack, you have to dial:

Step: *141# You will enter into the data pack choice box and can choose your favorable data package.

You can also Buy data pack from Smart cell App.

lIf you have any queries related to smart cell then comment below. we will try to solve your problem.

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